Who Are We

Kembayau Caper Eco Tour Sdn Bhd is an Inbound tour company established on 18th July 2019 with the purpose of promoting rural tourism attractions in line with Sabah State Government’s ambition to boost Community Based Tourism for its industry’s growth in rural areas.

Work Force

A team of 5 headed by Alexander Anthony as Managing Director


KK Company Secretaries Sdn Bhd is a firm of Chartered Secretary and Business Advisors based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that serves as business legal advisor.


  • Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA)
  • Tourism: KPK/LN 9752
  • Private Company (SSM): 1335226-W


To provide economic benefits that derives from eco-tourism by sustainable travel, and focus on the importance of community engagement, conservation and environmental sustainability.


To promote the diversity of Sabah, beyond the amazing landscape and wildlife with a deep attention to Community Based Tourism in the rural areas, which will be a preferred eco getaway destination both domestically and internationally by 2023.

What We Do

Kembayau Caper Eco Tour Sdn Bhd is to promote the vast natural resources and beautiful landscape in rural areas in Sabah by exposing eco-friendly and Community Based Tourism through attractive and exciting package tours that fit individual, families or groups. We strive to offer professional and personal attention to our entire guest to make their eco tour truly memorable and exciting.

We strive to minimise the environmental impact and increase awareness of tourists about social condition and economic climates surrounding each travel destination. Our ultimate aim is to protect and enhance the environment and benefit cost advantages derived from being green, and at the same time improve the wellbeing of communities by creating revenue generating out of their general skills and hospitalities through their involvement in receiving tourists.

We are a diverse community of knowledge seekers and explore, bonded in common belief that unending learning is a vital part of overall interest by experiencing the nature and culture, and not just looking at it. We explore this by meeting new people, touching history where it happened and delving deep into cultures heritage and landscapes. We promote educational tourism as part of the main focus of tour to learn from various ethnic groups including rural education institutions where knowledge and skill can be obtained.

How We Do It

  1. Implement sustainable economic development
  • Increase visitor spending through handicraft products and agriculture produce.
  • Identify areas of unique value for conservation in the rural areas.
  • Attract more tourists to enjoy the flora and fauna in remote areas in Sabah.
  • Expand the tourism season by promoting cultural festival, fruits season, traditional food festival, water festival, traditional sport events, and more.
  1. Encourage community involvement
  • Implement community action group in each destination.
  • Provide opportunities for local collaboration/partnership.
  • Local control by protecting natural areas and village.
  • Provide cultural activities and services.
  • Producing and selling their wares to tourist e.g. curios, arts, craft.
  • Involve and benefit local communities drawing from their skill, expertise, capabilities and aspirations.
  1. Implement Tourism to School
  • Involve School Parents Group in drawing activities around school vicinity that will attract recreational and amusement.
  • Provide cultural performances and traditional sports by students.
  • Provide facility for educational team building activity by collaboration/partnership with professional trainers.
  • Development of student welfare and certain school activities will be sufficiently funded through revenue generated.


A new industrial revolution with the growth of e-commerce environment is accelerating fast and businesses are changing more rapidly over the years with e-procurement playing a vital part in purchasing almost everything. Kembayau Caper is providing e-commerce medium for tourism as its internet-based marketing activity that will improve market penetration, long term sustainability of the industry and delivery of genuine eco-tourism products.

Environmental Care

Eco-tourism is a sub-component of the field of sustainable tourism. Eco-tourism, as an alternative tourism involves visiting natural areas in order to learn, to study, or to carry out environmentally friendly activities that is, a tourism based on the nature experience, which enables the economic and social development of the local communities. It focuses primarily on experiencing and learning about nature, its landscape, flora, fauna and their habitats, and the rich cultural and tradition preservation from the locality as well as support in conservation efforts and observation of wildlife. Eco-tourism do not deplete resources but sustain the environment or help undo damage to the environment of which Kembayau Caper Eco-Tour Sdn Bhd will strictly adhere.

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