Long Pasia is a village (bordering to Sarawak and Kalimantan) in the district of Sipitang, Sabah situated about 270 km Southwest of Kota Kinabalu, is a home town of Lundayeh/Lun Bawang tribes and has a population of about 700 people. Located at 1,000 meter above sea level, the 123 km journey by 4×4 on gravel/dirt road will take about 4 hours from the nearest coastal town of Sipitang.

Long Pasia is where you can find adventure and experience culture. Remnants left behind by the ancestral Lundayeh Upai Semaring add mysticism and legend to Long Pa Sia. Lundayeh are friendly and welcoming. Their food is amazing, especially their locally grown rice and coffee to name a few. Long Pasia is a place of amazing beauty, unspoiled nature, and unique culture and history rooted in the jungle. It’s a must to visit destination if you love adventure and venturing off to the beaten path.

Your visit to Long Pasia will never leave you bored. Your native guide, a must on your visit here, will tell you about the variety of plants, animals and insects you may encounter. You will also learn about the legend surrounding the evidences, spread across the region, of Upai Semaring’s existence.

Due to its remote location, Long Pasia remains a place of only the basic necessities and the community live in simplicity. There is no resort in Long Pasia. Instead, your experience here is made rich with its homestay program where you live with a family or host. There is no grid electricity supply here and the cold fresh water through gravity flow from the mountain will chill you in your bath. Some houses have a generator that they run for a few hours at night. The pleasant weather is in the range of minimum 25°C to maximum 32°C.

In recent years, a cell phone tower has been constructed and the villagers are now able to get 3G phone signal to make phone calls. Many villagers here do have satellite TV as part of their entertainment. The village has a community clinic, a primary school, churches, and a library. There is also a small airport which operation is temporally suspended. On the aspect of security, there is a small military base with soldiers who are tasked in monitoring the nearby border of Sabah and Kalimantan (Indonesia). As such the village safety is secured and peaceful.

Long Pasia offers you an array of experiences, with incredible natural beauty, amazing jungle, historical sites, and the unique culture of the Lundayeh tribe of Sabah. If you are looking for adventure, Long Pasia is a good choice to explore. The guides or trackers in Long Pasia very familiar with the jungle and sites that they can lead you just about anywhere. Long Pasia has it all, adventure, culture, history, and people who really welcome you like their own family.

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