Town Centre

Sipitang is known for its cultural and linguistic diversity. This uniqueness attributes particularly the traditional food, dances, music, handicrafts and games that will excite visitors.

  • Lundayeh Festival in June – Lundayeh is one of the indigenous people in Borneo. The annual festival showcase cultural food, dances and music that one can appreciate best. Highlight of this festival is the Ruran Ulung beauty pageant where the most beautiful Lundayeh lady will be crowned.
  • Fruit Festival usually from July till September – Sipitang, has a growing reputation for exotic seasonal fruits such as kembayau / wild olives, durian, mangosteen, tarap, rambutan, jungle mango, to name a few, and that no one can resist travelling across Sabah including from neighbouring Sarawak state and Brunei.
  • Weekly Open Market or locally known as Tamu which means “Meeting Place” – witness the fascinating and colourful local bazaar selling their merchandise from clothing to ready food; freshly harvested produce to wet products, where your bargaining skill is tested. Vendors from various districts within Sabah will travel to Sipitang as early as Tuesdays afternoon. The peak is on Wednesdays and ends by noon on Thursdays.

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